Behind the scenes.

It not so hard to be at home every day, but to be a job less it’s pretty difficult, many time I ask myself what or where I went wrong, I have no clear answer about that, but after all what is really impotent is health, so here I am without job, but I am healthy and I doing what I love which is working on my little projects like NachRiddles for my dear brother or COTW series or developing with Python and JavaScriptso for me is the best. This time I have new project that I call him CyBug series and in this series I teach my friend Johnny every thing that I know in Cyber Security filed (this series are in Hebrew language). We start on SQL injection and I pretty sore that we going to cover every step in the Top 10 of OWASP.

SQL injection in OWASP.

My CyBug is pretty cool I think, at least that’s what my friend Johnny says. We start up with SQL injectio and we going through series of examples from low level security to high, mybe I will upload the videos to youtube, but for now you can view it in here:

Watch the video

Good luck! Guy Zwerdling