Jekyll Error - `block in materialize'

As you may know, this site is build using Jekyll, that help me to done all the magic automatically which is great. In the passed week I reinstall Ubuntu on my laptop and that forced me to use git again and clone the project from my repository and after I install gem I tried to run Jekyll but goat some error, so I I wasted an hour on it and after I fund the fixing for that I decided to share is here.

So, the first thing I done is to go throughout the Jekyll documentations and install it using the following commands:

sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-dev build-essential

I’m using zshell, so in my case I’m using /.zshrc instead of /.bashrc:

echo '# Install Ruby Gems to ~/gems' >> ~/.zshrc\necho 'export GEM_HOME=$HOME/gems' >> ~/.zshrc\necho 'export PATH=$HOME/gems/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.zshrc\nsource ~/.zshrc

after that using the last command using gem:

gem install jekyll bundler

I was so happy that so far I doesn’t received any error, but it was too early to party, when I run the command jekyll serve the first error appear:

jekyll-error_error_jekyll-3.8.1.png Figure 1 tjekyll 3.8.1 is missing.

Than of course I run the command:

gem install jekyll --version 3.8.1

After that I tried to run the jekyll serve again, but still received an error, little bit different, but still doesn’t get it to work right.

jekyll-error_error_jekyll-feed.png Figure 2 jekyll-feed 0.9.3 is missing.

I can right now to do the same and install jekyll-feed 0.9.3 but I rather not to because I don’t want to go throughout every gem and install is manually, so I googled it and found that I need to run bundle: jekyll-error_bundle.png Figure 3 Run the bundle command.

Now I run again the jekyll serve but I received the another error: jekyll-error_check_for_activated_spec.png Figure 4 check_for_activated_spec error.

So I go through bundle exec jekyll serve: jekyll-error_bundle_exec.png Figure 5 bundle exec jekyll serve.

And that it! working like charm.